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Step 5: Where to Find Pilot Flying Jobs

There are various flying jobs offered by flight schools, aviation employers and corporations with one or more airplanes. The aviation industry will have its ups and downs. If you work in this industry, as with any industry, you will experience some good and bad times (such as layoffs, cutbacks, pay-cuts, etc.) The growth of the aviation industry is primarily based on the changing economy and business models. Employment opportunities are based on timing and networking. Networking is essential to finding a job and advancing your aviation career.

As you seek employment, it is important to know:
Identify various types of Pilot Jobs
Aviation Employment Sectors

Types of Pilot Jobs

Browse the Pilot Jobs section to learn about the various pilot jobs, educational requirements, pay rate, and typical employers.

Employment Sectors

Pilot jobs are found in virtually all employment sectors. There are four major employment sectors:
Private Sector
Private sector employers consist of incorporated firms, industries, law firms, manufacturers, and service-related industries.
Public Sector
Public sector employers consist of civil service, military, and other federal, state, county, and city government jobs.
Education/Research Sector
Education/research sector employers consist of privately funded or public schools, colleges, universities, vocational, or research institutions.
Not-for-profit Sector
Not-for-profit sector employers consist of hospitals, foundations, service organizations, labor unions, and research, religious, or non-government-funded organizations.


Pilot jobs can be located at the following types of employers:

Airlines (Major, national, and regional airlines)
Major Air Freight/Cargo Airlines
Aircraft Manufacturers
U.S. Armed Forces
Federal Departments, Bureaus, and Agencies
- The Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior
- The Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service
- The Immigration and Naturalization Service of the Department of Justice
- Federal Aviation Administrators (FAA)
- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
- National Transportation Safety Board.
- National Weather Service
State Aviation Departments and Agencies
Colleges & Universities (with flight training programs and/or departments)
Flight Schools
Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)
Agricultural Operators
Helicopter Operators
Corporate flight departments
Local Radio and TV Stations
Police Departments

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